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My name is Paige Kiger, I’m from the Rensselaer- Remington area of Indiana. I have FIVE! dogs and a horse at home with my fiancé and me. Together, we love to travel and tackle as many adventures we can get our hands on! We’re busy bodies, aspiring to conquer our passions one day at a time. I’m a life enthusiast full-time and a massage therapist part-time. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum and done exactly what my heart wanted. Photography is no different. It has grasped my soul and showed me to appreciate the madness of life because we will forget those special details someday.

I’ve picked up photography in 2015 as a hobby. My intentions where to capture my life in the most beautiful and raw form that I possibly could. Through 2016, I have worked with close friends and family to build my portfolio and push myself further. I’ve practiced my skills in all settings from infants to weddings before I finally offered my services professionally.

One can not possibly master the art of photography because it is ever-changing and art simply isn’t perfect.  Photography is freezing time and cherishing a memory for eternity when life is messy, beautiful, and a blessing.  A photo can be all that we may have to cling to in years to come. Always remember to smile!

Contact me at pkiger1218@gmail.com

Call/Text 219-986-0022